All kinds of metal surface with high adhesion performance nano technologic coating.


Nano Teknolojik Kaplama

Nano technologic coating, coates all the surface completely with nanometals and minerals inside. Sticks on all kind of surfaces with high performance.

It stops the contact of air on the surface with thichness 1-3 μm, because of high hydrophobic property, it keeps water and humidty away from the surface. On the other hand, it doesnt change the view of the metal surface. It protects agains to bacterias and organic pollution because of photocatalytic functions and unique surface morphology. Because of high oil repelling property, it minimizes finger prints and other oil marks. Surfaces can be cleaned ease without any detergent.

  • Gives a better view to metal surfaces
  • Excelent hydrophobic and oil repelling property, touching angle with water is higher than 100'
  • Excelent protection against to corrosion for metal surfaces
  • Resistent to high tempratures, 800C on copper surfaces
  • High resistance to detergents and solvents
  • High wearing resistance
  • Does not leave finger prints on the surface, can be cleaned with dry cloth
  • High resistance to bacterias and micropes.
  • Give antigraphity property to the surface